Core Documents:

To help our clients through the mediation process, we have produced a number of documents with guides and suggestions. 

Core Videos:

  • The Mediation Process - John Sturrock, chief executive of Core Solutions, explains the mediation process.
  • The Benefits of Mediation for Clients - Find out how mediation works for the client.
  • How Mediation Benefits Lawyers - Learn what opportunities there are for lawyers to be involved.
  • Demonstration of an early joint meeting - This is an example of one way a mediator might encourage parties in mediation to meet with each other at an early stage. Filmed in Athens, September 2018.
  • Singapore International Mediation Centre - John Sturrock in conversation about mediation and his approach as a mediator, with the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Centre.
  • Negotiation - an introduction - John Sturrock describes on video what he has learned about how to be an effective negotiator; referring also to our podcast series.
  • Respectful Dialogue - Watch John's Tedx Talk on Respectful Dialogue, given in light of the Scottish Referendum.
  • Climate Change and the Pandemic:  A Call to Consciousness and Collaboration - A Conversation between Alastair McIntosh and Ken Cloke, hosted by John Sturrock, 6th May 2020.
  • Ken Cloke: Conversations in Edinburgh - On a Saturday morning in Edinburgh in September 2017, Ken Cloke, one of the leading writers and thinkers in the field of conflict, joined with the founder and senior mediator of Core Solutions (and founder of Collaborative Scotland), John Sturrock, for a conversation about conflict, why it happens and how we all deal with it.
  • World famous negotiator and author William Ury gave a Master Class at the Hub in Edinburgh in May 2018, view the highlights here:
  • Video 1: How we can negotiate "from the perspective of the balcony" and how to identify and focus on the BATNA?
  • Video 2: Getting to Yes with other parties in a negotiation and "building a golden bridge".
  • Video 3: Informal discussion about a range of topics, including international issues from Brexit to North Korea.
  • Master Class with William Ury - On 4 September 2014, John Sturrock interviews William Ury, world famous negotiator and author, on the negotiation revolution, dialogue and the value of third-siders leading up to the Scottish Referendum.

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