Core's "Leadership Team Away Day" Facilitation Service

Most of what happens in high level teams is not unique:

People are working at speed, often they don’t have time to talk to one another in any meaningful way, communication slips, assumptions are made by managers and others, little mistakes become magnified, inoffensive remarks are blown out of proportion, overall strategy gets lost in day-to-day politics, external issues are viewed as internal provocations, clarity seems to be missing about key roles and responsibilities, objectives appear muddled, delegation looks like abdication, people become reactive and protective and lose the spark of creativity, ambiguity and uncertainty end up being impediments not opportunities. 

Does this ring a few bells? Look and feel familiar? If so, maybe a team away day is what you need?

Who is it for?

Executive teams and decision-makers who need time away from the office to take stock.


What does it enable you to do?

  • renew, restore and enhance relationships with colleagues
  • communicate in depth about the real issues
  • explore differences and understand objectives and concerns
  • discuss challenges and opportunities
  • reflect on and build strategy
  • refresh on purpose and forward momentum



The inclusive package includes: 

  • preliminary, private one to one "get to know" you discussions
  • evening opening session on day one, followed by dinner and facilitated conversations
  • half or full day of workshops on day two
  • final session or sessions, with the team taking ownership of decisions and actions going forward

(Follow up with the team and/or individuals can be added as an option)


What do we cover?

  • Individual Self Assessment and Identification of Objectives
  • Individual and Collective Preparation Strategies for Effective Performance
  • A Structure for Decision-Making: Introduction to PRUDDIE
  • Understanding How Our Brains Can Impede – And Help – Problem Solving
  • Enabling World Class Conversations: "I Wish We’d Had This Conversation Six Months Ago...."
  • Gaining an Edge as a Team: Ten Tried and Tested Techniques    
  • Reflection on Individual and Collective Learning - and Action Planning


Who delivers?

Core does! Our Chief Executive and most experienced facilitator, John Sturrock, leads in this area. Where appropriate, he is supported by our Associate, Charlie Woods. Read more about John and Charlie here


What do they say?

“Thanks so much for the work this week at our leadership away session. It was excellent and yesterday there were some signs of us all bringing the work we'd done back to the office with us.
It was a powerful session, so thanks as always for your wisdom and compassion and patience. I always really enjoy working with you and my sense is that this was a feeling shared more widely.”

(Deputy Chief Executive of large organisation based in England, spanning the public and private sectors)

"Thank you for the energy, intellect and enthusiasm you shared with us this week. Rarely do you get to be on a course with a facilitator who has such a broad range..."
(Senior Government Official)

"Just to say that I thought the way you ran the morning worked very well. We came to a useful set of actions in the afternoon as a result." 
(Senior Civil Servant)


Contact or call 0131 524 8188 to discuss further. 

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