Using Mediation Skills as Leaders and Professionals

Using Mediation Skills as Leaders and Professionals


Online Summer School 2020


We propose to deliver our Summer School online, using Zoom and a bespoke web-based platform for materials and other communication.

We are also aware that Zoom (or its equivalents) will increasingly be used as a platform for negotiations and mediations and this training will probably be essential for many of us anyway.


The Plan

The Summer School will proceed on the planned dates from Monday 31 August to Wednesday 2 September. We will space out sessions to give down time from online activity and each day will occupy approximately 6 hours of engagement time, with a 9am start and a 530 or 6pm finish, as with the physical course. There will be a large amount of practical workshop activity. 

To accommodate the shorter amount of engagement time, more materials will be available online in advance using podcasts and video vignettes. In addition, rather than using the immediately preceding Sunday evening as presently planned, we will hold a three hour orientation workshop a few weeks in advance (to be timed to suit the convenience of as many participants as possible). This and all plenary sessions will be recorded; however attendance during the three days is compulsory – for the sake of colleagues on the course and to ensure satisfactory performance for certification purposes. 

In addition, to avoid overloading the three days, we will hold a further three hour workshop on the morning of Thursday 3 September to complete the training process. This will be essential for those wishing to go on to the assessment stage and will be optional for others. 

Given the uncertainty of when we might return to face to face activity of the sort that can accommodate training, we will offer a further two day face to face training module as soon as we can, to build on the initial skills learned in the Summer School, for those who wish to take advantage of this. This module will also be a pre-requisite for undertaking the assessment module which, again, will be available when it becomes practical to hold this.

We are aware that, for those with distances to travel, face to face interaction involves a further dimension regarding transport and overnight accommodation. We will work with everyone to try to address as many of the needs as we can.



For the Summer School, we will incur additional developments costs but Core will absorb these, while also reducing the overall cost to take account of the savings in residential outlays.

  • The reduced fee for the online Summer School (including the orientation workshop and the additional optional morning) will be £1920 plus VAT.
  • For the two day face to face training module, the fee will be £800 plus VAT and,
  • For the assessment module, assuming this is also face to face, the fee will be £1475 plus VAT.

(These latter costs are unchanged from our normal fee but the face to face part of the course is now split into two modules to provide greater flexibility.)

Special rate: For those wishing to purchase the full package, we will apply a further discount to bring out a total cost of £3950 plus VAT which reduces the current total by £800 plus VAT.

(We will make further adjustments to acknowledge those who have already paid the Early Bird rate earlier this year). 


Read more about the Summer School on the course's main page here.

The Summer School will proceed if we have a sufficient number of participants to make the learning experience a really rich one. 

Please do let us know by Friday 24 July, if you would like to take part. We hope you will!

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