Residential Summer School:
Using Mediation Skills as a Leader*


Venue: TBC
Dates:  Sunday 1 September, 16.30 – Wednesday 4 September, 16.30 2019 (provisional)

*Module One of Core's Flagship Mediation Course
(see full details here)

Our Summer School is a world-class course, at a world-class venue, for leaders who are seeking to acquire the leading edge in enhancing their communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. 

Mediation skills are needed now more than ever to face the complex challenges of businesses and organisations. Our course will equip you to be a skilled mediator and negotiator—and enhance your existing skills—for leading collaborative projects and partnerships, managing and reducing conflict and negotiating really effectively.

Our course participants have come from the public and private sectors, government, banking, the commercial and legal sectors, alongside independent consultants and others, from throughout the UK and Europe.  

The Summer School will be led by John Sturrock, internationally recognised as a leader in the field of mediation and negotiation, who has pioneered high quality training in business, the professions and commerce in Scotland and abroad. He has considerable experience of decision-making in business and the public sector and will be sharing that on the course, along with experienced colleagues, Charlie Woods and Hugh Donald.

We are now accepting notes of serious interest in this course and hope to confirm the course in May. Read more here

To express serious interest, email Miriam Kennedy or call 0131 524 8188.

CPD: 24+ hours

Some feedback from our Summer School:


"Thank you so much for such an inspiring few days. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - I learned a huge amount and found mediation to be a better, progressive and positive approach to solving problems than anything I have experienced before... the course was presented in a very engaging, thought provoking and fun way."

Rosemary Scrimgeour, Director, The Building Workshop | Summer School Participant 2018

"This is the best training I’ve ever been on. Why? Very skilled trainers – and they were very skilled both as trainers and as mediators; an eclectic mix of methods, exercises, information which drew together a powerful body of evidence, much of which I hadn’t been aware of previously; participants with an incredible breadth of experience and variety of backgrounds; an encouraging environment which enabled us to try out new techniques and support each other; and sufficient time for us to gel as a group, away from every day distractions."

Lesley Irving, Head of Equality Policy, Scottish Government | Summer School 2017 Participant 

“Just a quick one to say how much I enjoyed the course last week.  It was a real pleasure.  What a diverse group and a privilege to share so many different ideas about the more human aspects of the mediation process.  I came away with an open heart and an open mind and I am sure I will make great use of the experience going forward.“

Summer School Participant 2017

You will learn:

• The different stages in communication, problem-solving, negotiation and decision-making
• How best to prepare and plan for difficult negotiations
• Essential communication strategies to use when under pressure
• Effective questioning techniques to get to the heart of a problem
• How to build and maintain rapport and working relationships in difficult situations
• Strategies to deal with emotion, polarisation and anger
• Techniques to break impasse and deadlock
• How to find creative solutions to problems based on real interests and needs
• How to undertake the role of the independent facilitator

Benefits to you, your organisation and others:

• Enhanced leadership and decision-making in tough situations
• Savings in time and cost
• Better and more productive business relationships
• Enhanced morale and effectiveness in the workplace and boardroom
• More effective approaches to difficult negotiations 
• Collaborative problem-solving with colleagues, clients and contractors
• High performance handling of complaints
• Reduction in disputes and better managed conflict
• Improved management and assessment of risk

To express serious interest, email Miriam Kennedy or call 0131 524 8188.

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